Alimentos & Forrajes is a South American exporter and Trading House which acts in the agricultural market since 2006. We concentrate our activities on the development of long term businesses, with the intention to add value to the national and regional production.

We focus our activities in the the supply chain, compound by our global network and our associated producters. This allows the possibility to reach high levels of quality&security standards, and to build strategic business alliances.

We achieve our goals thanks to a correct integration between Products, Services, Information and Logistics. In addition to this, our daily and constant dedication to clients, allow us the be one of the main exporters from Argentina.


Alimentos & Forrajes SA is a result of the experience in exports for more than 10 years. In addition to this, the 40-year history of the family business, Diaz Riganti Cereales S.R.L. - a company dedicated to the commercialization of cereals and oilseeds in the national market – make us a safety option for business.


The world is changing day by day and we need to continue developing skills and increasing our efforts for the following years. Our Vision as a company is represented by the strong idea we have for being recognized as a regional and worldwide competitor that could supply good quality food&feed to the industry.

Core Business

Our core business consist in the purchasing of raw materials to our associated farmers in the local market, delivering those goods to our facilities were goes into a process of reconditioning – cleaning, selection, clasification, bagging - and obteining products that follow the international standards. The other service of A&F is the trading of commodities and specialties from riable sources in other countries in the región – containers or vessel load – in order to satisfy the demand of clients (importers, distributors, industrial facilities).

Information and Technology

We use the most significant variables in the local and international market, having in count the USDA agency reports, and trying to anticípate the possible fluctuations in order to connect – in agile and secure way- the demand of our clients with the different marketpleaces.

All the information received and processed is an important tool that we use as a way to offer quality products at competitive prices. Besides that, the knowledge and domain of the internal market, the relation with suppliers al over the country, allow us to offer quality products and competitives prices to our foreign clients.

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